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TFT Certification

Technical and Training Solutions for the Timber and Construction Industries

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TFT Certification

For all of your timber product certification, with our registered diamond mark

The TFT Diamond Mark is available to any competent manufacturer or reputable distributor of any type of timber or wood-based product.

By using this independent 3rd-party Certification Mark, you will demonstrate to the world the high quality of your wood-based products.

Independent, rigorous quality checking
TFT Certification offers independent, third-party certification services so that our clients can demonstrate the conformity of their products and services to their customers and end-users.

We can award a Licence to use our Certification Mark and logo, and we use Qualified Auditors to assess the Client's Factory Process Control (FPC) System, which our sister company, TFT Woodexperts Limited, can help with setting up.

Demonstrate the reliability of your products with the TFT Diamond Mark
The TFT Diamond Mark is an instantly recognisable guarantee, to others, that the Client has complied with the relevant Rules, such as European Harmonised Norms and British Standards which apply to the Certified products; or with TFT Woodexperts Limited's own tailored Product Specifications that can be written to satisfy particular industry requirements.

And through additional services offered by TFT Certification, we could also help you to show that your production complies with all aspects of legality, sustainability and renewability.

Some Of Our Clients

Francis J Irvine & Co.
Hanson Plywood Ltd
IAS Dundee Ltd
Carson McDowell LLP
Black's Solicitors
Llewellyn Jones
SIG Roofing
Ridgeons Timber
DAC Beachcroft LLP
Berrymans Lace Mawer
SM Roofing Supplies
S R Timber
BSW Timber Ltd
Jakes & Co.
John Sisk & Son

Latest News

New Wood Science Workshops for 2019: what you need to know

In response to a demand for technical knowledge on a limited range of specific topics, which have become increasingly relevant in the current climate, training provider TFT Woodexperts have announced the introduction of a suite of fixed-price, multi-venue short courses, to be rolled out in 2019. The topics are: FIRE, WATER, PLYWOOD and HARDWOOD.

The timber industry has responded very well to the Qualifications and the Training Courses that Woodexperts currently offer, but in keeping up with current trends and demands for something different, these Workshops are to be offered on a low-cost basis, in half-day sessions (apart from Hardwood, which is a full day as it normally includes a mill tour), thus these short sessions should more easily fit in with companies’ time constraints and budgets.

Setting out their plans, Woodexperts Director, Jim Coulson, said “Our industry should be in possession of the basic facts and science behind how wood products respond to fire. This is actually fairly straightforward and simple, but needs some further explanation and study in a bit more depth, to ensure we have the answers to the questions we are asked, and that timber continues to be considered as suitable for use in construction. This Workshop sorts out the facts and dispels the myths that currently beset this crucial area.”

He continued “Moisture in timber is one of the most misunderstood and frequently mis-judged areas that our sector becomes involved in. Using real-life issues and examples, the Workshop sets out the basic science of the response of timber to moisture, how different wood-based materials respond to it, and the correct method of measuring and monitoring moisture in timber at all stages of procurement, supply and use.”

“Plywood is a timber product the industry can’t do without,” Mr Coulson went on to say, “ but which is manufactured and supplied in so many forms and specifications that dealing successfully in this material can be fraught with difficulties. Understanding the different types, use-classes and manufacturing processes, for the many types of plywoods sourced from all over the world, this Workshop is a masterclass in these panel products and their basic uses, where mistakes can often occur, and can sometimes prove very costly to put right.”

“Finally,” he remarked “timbers chosen often for strength characteristics or attractive appearance, hardwoods are some of the most costly, difficult to source and controversial products that our industry supplies. Understanding the science of how trees grow and the climate and geography of where they come from is a basic requirement of this Workshop, together with an understanding of the many different properties these timbers possess, their recommended uses and how to give advice and help in these areas.”

Workshops will be held in each of 4 venues across the country, CENTRAL LONDON, EAST MIDLANDS (LINCOLNSHIRE), NORTH (RIPON, YORKS) and SOUTH WEST (SWINDON), (except Hardwood which will be at Swindon as it includes a sawmill tour). Three of the topics, Moisture, Plywood and Hardwood, have already taken place.

The format will be a half day workshop, morning from 8.30 to 12.30 or afternoon from 1.00 to 5.00. and the price is just £50 + VAT, per person, a nominal charge to cover costs of room hire, tutor’s travel etc. The Hardwood workshop is a full day, from 9.30 to 4.30, which costs £100 + VAT per person. Places at all 4 venues are strictly limited, and payment is made in advance, with the booking. It is also planned to hold workshops at individual companies’ premises, should there be sufficient demand.

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From the A1M leave the motorway at Junction 50. Follow the A61 for Ripon. After approx two thirds of a mile turn right into Melmerby Green Lane. After half a mile turn left into Barker Business Park. Turn first left into the car park and please park to the left of the gate.

TFT Certification offer technical and training Solutions for the Timber and Construction Industries.